Beast to Beauty

Originally constructed as a marketplace in the 1930s, this East Milton Square property has seen a lot of action, previously housing a variety store and later a dental office. When partners Dave Belyea and Sharon Mulcahy acquired the property in 2007, they already had a vision of how to transform the eyesore into a hub for creativity.


It took a lot of work to create the office the Jackrabbits call home, but it is now a cool and unique space where employees, colleagues, and clients can be comfortable and productive.  With no sign of a cubicle or private office and sweeping 20’ ceilings, the open concept design fosters creativity and collaboration.

Jackrabbit HQ

In addition to being the home to Jackrabbit Design, the space is occasionally used by friends, community/business organizers, and film/video producers as a hip, urban setting for informal gatherings or as a creative backdrop.