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The Keys to Efficient Motion Design

Jackrabbit Design Branding & Design, Creativity, Resources, Technology
March 13, 2017

Incorporating motion into your projects is a great way to add life, personality, and polish to an otherwise static design. […]

Shiftx: Humanizing Web Design

Jackrabbit Design Branding & Design, Technology, Web Design & Development
February 22, 2017

This past weekend, Harvard Graduate School of Design sponsored Shiftx, a design conference that brought together several luminaries in the […]

The Future of Browsers

Jackrabbit Design Technology, Web Design & Development
January 26, 2017

I think Opera’s new Neon browser could be a game changer. I’ve been using Google Chrome since college and it’s […]

Developer Thoughts: Atom

Chris Kirk Web Design & Development, Technology
December 23, 2016

One of the biggest controversies in the web development community is which text editor is best. I’ve used dozens of […]

A Hidden Secret: Defining @font-face

Jason LaRose Resources, Technology, Web Design & Development
November 29, 2016

A few short years ago, we as designers were only limited to a small handful of web-safe fonts to use […]


Jackrabbit Design Community & Networking, SEO & SEM, Technology
November 18, 2016

Hubspot, the local marketing and sales platform phenomenon, plays host to an annual conference celebrating industry innovation, promoting new strategies […]