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A Day in the Life of an Intern

Jackrabbit Design July 9, 2012 Noteworthy 1 Comment

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Hi! My name is Johnny Lee and I’m a design intern here at Jackrabbit Design and will be here in the Boston area for the summer! I am a senior-to-be over at Purdue University in Indiana, majoring in Industrial Design and Visual Communications Design.

First off, it was a little nerve-wracking to go to a new city where I don’t know anyone and start working, but thankfully, I have nothing bad to say about how things are going! In my first month at Jackrabbit, I have learned a lot about how the design and business processes work in the real world, as opposed to the bubble that an educational institution may keep you in. It has definitely been an eye-opening (and fun!) experience to be around the Rabbits. They’ve helped me adjust to being in a new city, welcomed me into their breathtakingly beautiful studio, and have been absolutely wonderful to work for.

Johnny's Station My Station

So what happens during the course of the day? I usually arrive a bit before nine in the morning via the T. I will walk into the studio, admire the Star Wars Episode I pinball machine sitting upstairs here (I’m a huge Darth Maul fan), and look over what I may need to do for the day. This could involve continuing to work on an ongoing project, or shooting a message to the team and asking if they need help with anything. I’ll work until lunch, at which point I’ll eat at my station or join some of the Rabbits in our kitchen downstairs. After lunch, I’ll get back to work until the end of the day. Sprinkled in throughout the day are short meetings to get briefed on a new project or get feedback on current projects before something is sent to the client.

Star Wars Episode I Pinball Machine The pinball machine!

I usually have a couple of projects and tasks assigned to me, so I am always kept busy. One thing that I really appreciate is the chance to work on both print and web projects, and to have an opportunity to really apply the skills that I have learned. I definitely enjoy being able to work with different members of the team, learning from them, and the various styles they have. You know things are going well when getting up at six in the morning to get to work becomes easy!

Hopefully, in the future I will have more chances to talk about my experience at Jackrabbit. In the meantime, please check out our Carrots for a Cause contest and vote for your favorite company!

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  • IWP August 2, 2012

    Good luck. Looks like you are having fun and making the most of your opportunity.

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