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A Harmonious Experience in Branding Boston Baroque

Cara Ogar October 3, 2013 Branding & Design 1 Comment

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A really cool branding project that we worked on this year was for Boston Baroque. We had the chance to create their full brand identity, including the messaging, tone, collateral, and website.

Celebrating 40 years, Boston Baroque is an ensemble that produces lively, emotionally charged, ground-breaking performances of Baroque and Classical works for today’s audiences. This world-class orchestra performs using instruments and techniques that reflect the eras in which the music was composed.

The project started with a thorough discovery, which led to moodboards that began to shape the brand and its overall look and feel. The inspiration for the art direction came from these objectives:

  • Infusing a modern feel into a classic sound
  • Visually projecting contemporary aspects to Baroque music and instruments
  • Showcasing the Artistry of the Musican
  • Creating a different look than what one would expect when they hear Baroque
  • Showing that music is art – the notes and sounds create different colors, textures, and shapes
  • Conveying the energy of the performance

Our creative team presented inspired mood boards showcasing three very unique and exciting approaches to the brand. These strategic boards proved successful in engaging our client in our creative process, ensuring our next steps in brand creation were informed by their feedback and input.

Our presentation of mood boards included a written manifesto of high-level brand messaging to coincide with the tone of each design approach. We proposed bold headlines to support the amazing artistry of the performances, such as “We Won’t Just Lift Your Heart. We’ll Shake Your Soul.” 

Once the overall art direction and tone were finalized, we carried that through to the collateral and website. The site also brings in some cool development techniques, using things like parallax scrolling and subtle animations that really enhance the overall experience, and keep true to the brand.

Overall, this was an incredibly fun project for the whole team, and we are really proud of the results!

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  • Miguel Rodriguez October 6, 2013

    This was a great collaboration with Jackrabbit and we LOVE our final product.The capture our core values, brand, and vision for the future!

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