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A Quick & Useful Photoshop Tip

Jason LaRose April 10, 2013 Productivity

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Efficiency is a craft, and one that I am on a continuous mission to master (some of you may already know about this quest from my posts on the wonder of keychain access and my favorite apps). Well, recently I’ve found a very quick and easy Photoshop trick that I wanted to share.

I’ve been using Smart Objects in Photoshop a lot lately, for items such as images, icons, repetitive text and more. Creating a Smart Object requires finding a layer, right-clicking that layer and selecting Convert to Smart Object, which is waaaaaay too much work for me! So I found Keyboard Shortcuts under the Edit menu, which let’s you create a shortcut for it. It is really great for repetitive actions that are only accessible through menus or right clicks but have no keyboard shortcuts related to them. And just think of what you might be able to do when all of those saved seconds of time add up! (ps—in case you couldn’t tell, I love keyboard shortcuts) Before jumping in, make sure you can find the item in question you wish to change; in this case its Layer > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Objects. Once you’ve found the menu item, go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts… In the resulting dialogue box, you will need to scroll and find the menu item, select it and provide a keyboard shortcut. And that’s it. You can do this with Application Menus, Panel Menus and Tools.


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