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A Resourceful Rabbit

Dave Belyea July 5, 2011 Clients, Project Management

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I had a meeting with a prospective client the other day, to talk about their project. Without thinking too much, I went into my typical sales pitch about Jackrabbit and the diversity of design and/or development skills we bring to the table, yada, yada, yada…

Then we talked a bit about some of the great printers, photographers and media specialists we collaborate with and outsource to.  As I spoke, I realized how excited the client got when I talked about the transparency of the way we work with outside vendors. While we are the centralized project manager and we facilitate all the moving pieces and details, we like to be sure that our clients are setup directly with any outside vendors. This allows our clients to save money and time by working direct.

Because our network is so wide and varied, we are able to bring in the right partner for the right project. A good example is that we may call in a certain photographer for product shots, and use another for lifestyle shots. Or the same shop that prints your annual reports may not be the best option for printing your business cards.  Two distinct projects that are done more effectively (with greater cost savings!) when done at the right place.

This is something that is just natural to us and the way we do business. It really just struck me at this meeting that it is an important value-added service of ours, and felt it was worthy to talk about here.


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