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And the Winner is…

Cara Ogar November 4, 2011 Noteworthy

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Last Friday was Jackrabbit’s official 1st Annual Battle of the Bunny Brew! It was a super friendly competition between 2 Rabbits — Lucas and me. What you may not know is the agreement Lucas and I had regarding how the winner would be announced. The loser would have to write the blog post announcing the winner. Essentially, because I am the one writing this post…

I am proud to announce that Lucas Hibbard and his ale were victorious!

But let me back up a bit and tell you a little more about the event, because it was a lot of fun! Back in August, I challenged Lucas (or did he challenge me?) to a brew-off and we settled on an October date. We then realized that we have two interns available and maybe we could utilize their creative skills to come up with a logo and a name (because, um, those aren’t the strongest skills a Project Manager like myself and a Web Developer like Lucas possess). I think Lucas and I would agree that our interns Chris and Theresa did an AMAZING job working together. They showed us several logo concepts, and we settled on the finalist pretty quickly:

They then sent out an invite, and crafted some pretty clever voting cards:

But, because we have only the best and brightest interns here at Jackrabbit…

They took it upon themselves to order customized bottle caps with the Bunny Brew logo!! It was a total surprise to Lucas and me. Before the contest began, I came up with the great idea that the winner could take home all of the bottle caps for their next brew…unfortunately for me, Lucas has some great new bottle caps.

Interns with this much initiative are rather rare and much appreciated. The brew-off would have been fun regardless, but having them put everything together and go above and beyond in this way was pretty cool. They also made labels and painstakingly stuck them to all of the tasting glasses, and picked up the BBQ food so people could “cleanse their palate” between tastings. Of course, our very own better-than-Martha boss, Sharon, setup all of the food for us (again, the display would have been pretty bare bones if it were left up to Lucas and me…).

Everyone tasted both brews and placed their votes. Intern Chris announced each vote one-by-one and after the last vote was revealed… Lucas and I were at a TIE! With each of us having an equal amount of votes, we persuaded two additional people to taste our brews and BOTH of them selected the brew by Lucas. The final tally was 6-4, and Lucas was proclaimed the winner of the 1st Annual Battle of the Bunny Brew!

The event was a lot of fun and it was great to hang around and drink beer with all of the Rabbits. Thank you to everyone who helped out and participated, and a special thanks to those of you who DID vote for me.

Lucas, I look forward to next October for the 2nd Annual Battle of the Bunny Brew!


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