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Being Thankful this Thanksgiving… for iPhone Apps

Jason LaRose November 21, 2011 Resources, Technology

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November is in full swing and, as we all know, it’s a time of giving thanks. As a web geek, I’d like to make a list of items I’m thankful for, specifically iPhone apps.

Budget with Back in Black

Price: $3.99 | View in App Store

At Jackrabbit we all buy a lot of coffee. While that coffee does wonders for our productivity, it also burns a hole in our wallets, and at the end of every month we’re shocked when we have no more cash to buy it. Back in Black aims to help avoid these kinds of problems. Back in Black is a budgeting app, sporting a beautiful user interface, smooth user experience and a super quick process to enter a purchase (under 5 seconds). It works month-to-month, meaning you provide your income, your fixed expenses, any financial goals and a free-spending budget that acts as a template for the month. As you spend and track, your spending budget displays your remaining balance. At the beginning of the next month, the previous month’s transactions and balances are archived and you have a clean slate from which to track, without having to reenter repeating expenses.


Price: Free | View in App Store

Waze brands itself as a community-based GPS. It’s a turn-by-turn voice-guided GPS app for your iPhone, and best of all, it’s free. The real-time user-generated traffic reports are great for insight on your travel time, or determining if you should look into another route. You can choose your level of social interaction with the app, and either pitch in to help alert other drivers, or purely use it as a normal GPS.


Price: Free | View in App Store

Episoder has proven itself to be my best friend when catching up on my favorite television shows. Once you select the TV series you wish to save, Episoder will keep track of season numbers, episode names and numbers, as well as let you know when the next episode will air and if the series has been cancelled.


Price: Free | View in App Store

Carrying tons of rewards cards in your wallet can get pretty annoying, especially if you only seldom visit the retailers. KeyRing is an app that holds your rewards cards for you. Setup is a snap— just scan the barcode with your phone or type in the card number and you’re done. It will also alert you to any printable special offers or coupons from the rewards card’s retailer. The next time you’re standing in the checkout line, just whip out your iPhone for the cashier to scan and you’re on your way to saving both your money and your wallet.


Price: Free

Last but not least is Wunderlist. Wunderlist is a getting things done app. The best thing about this app is that its free. Free for Mac, free for PC, free for iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux and the web. No, wait… the best thing about this app is it syncs automatically to your account and therefore, all devices you have it installed on. Or is it the ease of use and amount of customization allowed? There are so many great things about this app, that I want to make up to-do lists and tasks just so I can use it.


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