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Boston Hubweek 2018

Jackrabbit Design November 15, 2018 Creative Collaborators, Community & Networking, Marketing

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Hubweek is a weeklong festival that brings together the best and brightest minds from the art, science, and technology world. Through a collaborative week of forums, panel discussions, demonstrations, and interactive installations we are able to get a peek into how all of these seemingly separate industries work together to impact one another. It’s easy to get caught up in the bubble of your own industry, but Hubweek is a nice reminder to step back and take a look at all the amazing innovations happening around us and how we can learn from them!

Geometric portrait painting on shipping container

From discussions on the microbiome, robotics, and full video immersion experiences, there was plenty to keep any curious and creative mind stimulated. At Jackrabbit, we are always looking at ways to improve our own creative processes and challenge ourselves with new technologies. We like to see how we can apply innovative ideas to our day-to-day and continue to wow our clients.

Some of the things that struck a chord with us:

MilliporeSigma Curiosity Cube

Kids outside the Millipore Curiosity Cube BoothWe especially love any opportunity to see and support the clients we work with! Our friends at MilliporeSigma brought along their mobile lab, called the ‘Curiosity Cube’, to educate students through a combination of interactive, hands-on experiments, 3D printers, and a virtual reality tour through the inside of a cell. Pretty cool spending some time checking out a virtual nucleus! This may have been targeted towards students, but we were equally as engaged with all the stations! In addition to that, MilliporeSigma CEO, Udit Batra, took part in a discussion on The Future of Health, Wellness and Medicine featuring a video created by our very own Jackrabbit team!

Illusion Room

Full Immersion Dome Interactive Experience
Photo Credit: NEST Immersion Shorts @ Hubweek

Words and photos can’t do this justice. We spent (a little too much) time hanging out in the interactive immersion dome. Here, you could grab a spot and a cushion on the floor, lay back and have your mind visually blown away by a series of short films and stories told through motion graphics, patterns, and engaging videos shown on a 360° immersion dome. The dome, sponsored by NEST Dome based in Montreal, features a high resolution projector fitted with 360° video and audio that fully immerses the viewer into the experience.

Robots Robots Robots

Hubweek - speaker on stage during Robotics Talk

We’re all in some way geeks for robots. We’re surrounded by them and welcomed them into our lives with open arms! With advances in voice recognition to improvements in artificial intelligence over the last few years, we now have Alexa or Siri to answer our questions and are working towards piloting self driving cars in metropolitan cities. We are definitely in a period of advancement toward seamlessly integrating these technologies into our daily lives. With that, there is so much more room for improvement to refine our human to robot interactions. Tye Brady, the Chief Technologist of Amazon Robotics gave an interesting talk about the future of robotics and how at Amazon they have created a system of robots to help in the ultimate quest of fulfilling orders to get products to our doors in 2 days. Maybe we will get a Jackrabbit office robot one of these days to help out with some office work.

Overall, Hubweek was an exciting opportunity for us creatives to take a step back and hear from different industries on the great work being produced and endless sources of inspiration. There are so many ideas floating around the world and we enjoyed seeing how we can learn and apply those to step up our game and continue to create great work for our clients!

Banner Photo Credit: Aram Boghosian, Hubweek


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