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Building Brands @ Boston Design Week 2014

Lynn Spooner April 7, 2014 Branding & Design

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As part of the city’s first ever Boston Design Week, I attended a presentation called “Building Brands” in which the creative team at Neoscape shared their storytelling approach of branding for real estate development and why branding is important in this space.

Neoscape is a creative agency located in Boston and NYC with a focus on the expression of architecture and environmental design. They utilize a wide range of media platforms such as 3D visualization, film, animation, web, and print.

Coming from a background in corporate branding, I was very impressed with the sheer vision it takes to create an entire world so detailed and focused out of something that has not yet been created. The result is powerful; one that reaches people on an emotional level to help them understand and feel what your brand is all about. It is effective in helping your target audience envision the possibilities.

I especially enjoyed seeing videos created by Neoscape for projects such as
680 Madison Avenue, 230 Park Avenue, and the Mansion on Madison at the New York Palace.

  • A brand is much more than just a logo. Promoting real estate is about more than just square footage and amenities.
  • Behind every building is a story. Meaningful storytelling is the best way to do real estate branding.
  • Stories have impact. They can evoke memories and emotions, create expectations, and provoke conversation. Stories for real estate need to have a goal such as lease a building or change the perception of a space, etc.
  • “Luxury” is a relative term that is overused in real estate. Defining luxury for a building should go beyond words that describe amenities. Luxury can be felt with all of our senses and it’s about the full experience and emotions it evokes.
  • Craft a story and stick to it. Make it your brand. Know your audience and what they want. Use that to help them see the future.

What were your favorite events of Boston Design Week?
I’m already looking forward to seeing what is in store for 2015!


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