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Case Studies: A Marketer’s Best Friend

Liz Rightor November 20, 2017 Marketing, Content

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The case for case studies

I know what you’re thinking, “a blog post on case studies?” I totally understand that you, mighty marketer of the future(!), would probably rather read about an experiential, VR demo that your targets engage with while captive on their 2-minute Hyperloop ride from Silicon Valley to LA. I get it, I get it 100%: whizzing around in pressurized tubes at light speed is sexy. And case studies aren’t exactly a new marketing tool…

Just hear me out… as content marketing has become THE way to engage with customers, particularly online, a case can be made (HA!) that their potential impact is greater than ever! The stats will bear me out on this too.

At their best, good case studies present potential customers with a real-world picture of value propositions they’ll relate to (“we are having the same problem!” or “that sounds just like our office!”). And if your brand tends toward the humble, low-key end of the spectrum, customers can say things about your business, products or services that you flat out can’t (without sounding disingenuous). The catch, of course, is that very few businesses are doing them successfully. (Mostly ‘cause they aren’t so easy to pull off.)

Why can’t we be friends?

The value of customer case studies is well established, but they can be damn near impossible to get right… or even get done at all!

The problem sales and marketing people face when trying to create strong case studies is a tale as old as time: resources and priorities are stretched, content and permissions are hard to track down, and there can be so many formats to think about—print, social, website, video.

Resources and priorities, where do we even begin? As marketers, we need to decide where to spend our time and dollars. We ask ourselves, “what’s going to get us the most bang for our buck?”. Well, case studies have LEGS, as the output of a well-developed case study can feed your marketing efforts long-term. By gathering great customer stories, you can create:

  • a library of quick snippet testimonials that can be used across marketing efforts
  • a more in depth 3-minute video for your website
  • multiple short video clips for social
  • a blog post
  • a PDF
  • a printed piece to arm your sales team with

Intrigued yet? Yes? Great! So now let’s talk about the C-word. CONTENT! How do we get our hands on it–out of the mind of the customer and on paper? We get it, your clients are busy and you don’t want to bother them, not to mention that you are stretched thin. The trick is to capitalize on existing efforts and opportunities:

  • Planning to do a focus group or customer research?
  • Sponsoring an event where customers will be in attendance?
  • Going to an industry tradeshow?

In all of these examples, an opportunity exists to do double duty. Book a private room or find a quiet spot at the event and plan to get customers on camera for 30-minute interviews. They’re already there, which means you’ll take a minimum amount of their time and get everything you need to create your maximum impact case study toolkit.


See the value but still overwhelmed by how to get it done? The Rabbits have been hard at work developing a model and process for creating case content that makes business sense. During the streamlined process, our experienced team is “all ears,” listening for the market-centric stories that really resonate with decision makers.

Interested in learning more? Hop on over to our contact page and drop us a line!


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