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Cutting Edge Branding for Edgework Consulting

Cara Ogar November 15, 2013 Branding & Design

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An exciting project that we recently completed was the branding and website design for Edgework Consulting, an organization that encourages individuals, organizations, and communities to step outside their comfort zone and start doing their “edgework.”

Doing your edgework means you are operating in “an area where perseverance, creativity, resilience, teamwork, and leadership are the norm.” For an organization that exudes such passion and energy, we knew their branding and website design would also need to convey these qualities.

We got to work creating a cohesive brand identity that communicates who Edgework Consulting really is and what they believe. The first step in the branding process was designing a logo that was cutting edge, creative, and state-of-the art. After the exploration and discovery process, we created such a logo that conveys Edgework’s collaborative nature, and still has an edge.

The identity development helped to set the tone for the website. The easy-to-navigate site maintains a sense of creativity and edginess throughout, all while bringing a wealth of information to life through interactive graphics and components. On the homepage, we included a series of “What if . . .” statements that serve as a perfect introduction to the organization, and really capture the brand essence.


Edgework’s unique approach and methodology focuses on creating a powerful, immersive learning experience in their program designs.  We wanted the website – and particularly pages like Approach and Methodology – to reflect this learning experience through interactive graphics.

It was important that the brand and website designs stayed true to Edgework, and from the feedback we’ve received so far, it seems we managed to do just that! Edgework Consulting CEO Lou Bergholz said, “This website has absolutely exceeded expectations – and the expectations were high from the outset! . . . It feels like an expression and an extension of who Edgework is, how we work, and what we do for our clients.” Other comments from visitors included:

  • “Holy Mother of God! Super impressive!”
  • “Truly one of the best websites I’ve ever seen.”

(And those were all within just the first 24 hours of going live!)

We are so pleased with the reactions to the website so far, and look forward to continuing to help Edgework gain that extra edge.


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