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Download the New Twemplate

Jason LaRose June 3, 2011 Resources, Web Design & Development

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Twitter + Template = Twemplate

Jackrabbit is always being asked to design Twitter pages for our clients (I guess this social media stuff is the real deal?!). Although Twitter is arguably the second most popular social network out there (Hello, Facebook.) – it’s pretty restrictive with what it allows users to do in terms of customizing their profile’s look and feel. There are some things you can change – but many things you can’t.

The key to creating a great looking profile is maximizing the space Twitter allows us to control. A few years back, we were always recreating the wheel, taking a screen shot of the current UI, dumping it into Photoshop… hack… slice… customize.


We quickly realized that if we always kept a template up to date and handy, we’ve got a great time saving asset for ourselves. Then we realized it was also a great tool, to explain what we can and can’t do with Twitter, to clients. Then we realized—we were being really selfish and we should probably just post it for others to use! And so the Twitter template was hatched, also known as the Twemplate.

All the layers are clearly labeled, locked/unlocked and color-coded, designing an awesome Twitter page for our (or your) next client will be a cakewalk!

Download the Twemplate PSD and use to your heart’s content.


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