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Easter Eggs

Chris Kirk August 9, 2017 Clients, Web Design & Development

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Okay, so we’re still half a year away from the Easter season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about one of our favorite ways of having fun in the quality assurance periods of our new websites: easter eggs!

During our QA process, we try to have the entire Jackrabbit team spend some time going through every page or post on our almost-ready-to-launch sites to see what they can improve or what needs to be fixed. We call it “Stop, Drop & Scroll,” and we covered it in the December 2015 edition of our Rabbit Rhetoric. Often, we end up with a laundry list of edits to make before sites are ready to launch, and this begs the question: how do we make sure everything gets looked at?

The Answer? Incentives!

Before SDS, someone familiar with the staging site will hide little surprises (“easter eggs”) at inconspicuous places inside various pages on a site. The first Rabbit to find one of these easter eggs is awarded with something cool, like a gift card to our favorite grocery store or coffee shop. We try to switch it up every time to keep it interesting—see below, where we’ve modified Jackrabbit’s business address:

Or swapping out a member of a corporate team photo with a certain Rabbit’s favorite celebrity:

Or perhaps, adding a popular cheeseburger to a client’s menu:

Easter Eggs Around the Web

Of course, we didn’t invent the concept of easter eggs. Google has been doing it for years and have released dozens of easter eggs to their various platforms in the past.

Google “Anagram” and you get:

Remember what Google looked like almost 20 years ago? Search “Google in 1998”:

A lot of these you can do yourself! If you Google “do a barrel roll”, you’ll get… well, a barrel roll!

Another great one is on digg.com. Visit their site, use your keyboard to enter the famous Konami code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A) and you’ll be greeted with an homage to everyone’s favorite redheaded pop artist. #sorrynotsorry.

There’s one on this page too, but you’ll have to find out yourself!
(Just kidding, hit the J key.)


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