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Every project is an education…

Jackrabbit Design August 26, 2011

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One thing we love to do with our clients, maybe to a lesser extent on fire drills (tight deadlines), is educate our clients. For an agency, that specializes in communications, sometimes one of the biggest obstacles in a project’s road to success – is simply communicating with the client.

It’s not that the channels aren’t up, or we’re on different frequencies, it’s that the chatter utilizes two different sets of vocabulary – and often there isn’t a middle ground – a vocab lesson is in order.

A good example? Bitmap vs. Vector. What are they, what could we possibly be talking about. It only takes about five minutes or so, maybe we even point you to a handy video on the web. But understanding the difference, between a bitmap logo file, or a vector logo file will save both parties serious time going back and forth. We would never let you send us a 200×200 pixel .gif to be used on your 10′ trade show booth or banner, or your tri-fold brochure, annual report or even your business cards. A low-resolution bitmap file will come out fuzzy, and make you, and us look bad. So we’ll request a vector file, like an .EPS file.

*By the way a vector file is based on lines and mathematical formulas, it is infinitely resizable, as opposed to a bitmap file that is built of individual colored pixels, and can have serious size limitations.

In the End

When all is said and done, we think even a small project, can have gains beyond the creative results. Understanding why and how we do things, is just as important why and how you do things. Down the road, it helps us work more efficiently, and it helps you in dealing with creative professionals that are not Jackrabbits. More power to you.

We’re here to help – and we’re here to build relationships.


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