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Fenway Fantasy Day

Cara Ogar August 22, 2011 Community & Networking 1 Comment

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Red Sox Nation

If you’re from New England then you are most likely (had better be!) a Red Sox Fan. We’re with you, an office full of die hard Sox fans, even the guy in Ohio. From Yawkee Way, Pesky’s Pole, the Monstah’, pre-gaming at Beer Works, we love everything in and around iconic Fenway Park. The rich history and deep camaraderie of the Red Sox is enough to inspire even the most unbelieving neigh-sayers.  There isn’t one rabbit here that hasn’t munched a Fenway Frank and cheered “Yoooouuuukkkk!” at one point or another.  So you can imagine our excitement when we were invited to participate in a great event sponsored by the Red Sox Foundation’s called Fantasy Day.

Fantasy Day

The title says it all- a true Fantasy.  We played an hour game on the field at Fenway Park last Sunday and there were more then a few of us that crossed Play at Fenwayoff our bucket lists.  In preparation for the big game, the rabbits donned matching uniforms, held an official baseball practice and got our good friend Pat to capture all of the magic of the day.  Here are some of our favorites:

Scoping out the ballpark

Michael hits it to the outfield

Dori and her dad came to cheer us on

Rabbits in the dugout

Lynn snags a souvenir

Green monster shot after a great game!

The day was a wonderful way to spend time together outside our diggs and help support a great organization.  Many thanks to the Red Sox Foundation for including us in their special event!

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  • Joe Myers August 22, 2011

    Sick! Nice work guys. I got to play there once in college. Such a thrill. And yes Lynn, I snagged a fist-full of grass too!

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