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Getting to Know You: The Importance of Brand Consistency

Dori Levine June 29, 2017 Branding & Design, Creativity, Marketing

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Here at Jackrabbit, we strive to create, grow, and nurture amazing brands across many industries.

As time goes on, and as a company’s needs, priorities, or audiences shift, it may become necessary to adjust branding accordingly. However, we believe that brand consistency—look, feel, tone, logo—should be paramount amongst your considerations when you’re looking at creating a new brand or switching gears on an old one.

So why does brand consistency matter?

Put simply, your brand is your identity. Think about your company as an acquaintance: if your acquaintance was shifty, mercurial, or lacking depth, would you really want to invest your time in getting to know them? Probably not. A brand works the same way, but consumers are investing an even greater variety of capital to get to know your company through your brand: time, money, and trust. It’s important to build a brand that is strong, so that your consumers know who you are and what you bring to the table; and it’s important to build brand consistency, so that consumers find your company reliable and trustworthy—they know what they’re getting.

The specifics of brand consistency

The macro benefits of brand consistency are described above—but what, specifically, does brand consistency help your company accomplish?

  • Brand perception: this goes hand-in-hand with the brand-as-acquaintance analogy. Think about the care you put into making a good first impression, and how successfully that can be managed. Having a well-crafted brand allows you to help shape public perception of your company, and making it consistent allows it to establish its place in their collective minds.
  • Brand voice: if your company was a person, would it be a full-throttle optimist or a side-eye slinging cool kid? The web, print, and social collateral that your company sends into the world gets automatically associated with your brand as a whole, so it’s important to make sure that each element is crafted with care to ensure the same tone across the board.
  • Brand clarity: we all know that Coca Cola doesn’t just output one beverage, despite the name. But we can clearly tell that Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Coke all belong to one family, and that’s because the brand has been created to allow for some variation without leaving behind the overall look, feel, and tone.

How to ensure brand consistency

You’re a new company, and you want to craft a brand that will ensure your place in the world and endure the test of time. You’ve worked with a design company to create a beautiful logo, and you have the accompanying brand guide in hand. Here are a few helpful pointers to set you on the right path:

  • Make sure that everyone at your company is aware of the brand guide, and knows where all logo, color, and typography assets live. The brand guide is bible—make that known, and ensure adherence to its rules every time branding comes into play.
  • Ideally, you’ve created a brand that is both recognizable and a bit “blank canvas”—it allows for the flexibility described above. Consistency doesn’t mean your brand needs to be boring—there are myriad ways to push creative boundaries while staying within bounds!
  • Your employees should be aware of everything described above. It may be worth hosting some kind of “brand training” to educate employees, especially because some of the minor points can seem superfluous.


The long story short of all of this: brand consistency, built on the foundation of a carefully-crafted brand, is key to gaining the trust and confidence of your intended audience. Brand loyalty is real, but it only comes from positive association—and the good news is that this is something you can control!

Interested in crafting your own beautiful, enduring, captivating brand? Get in touch with Jackrabbit!


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