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Jackpot! Branding the Massachusetts Gaming Commission

Cara Ogar March 13, 2013 Branding & Design

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When the Mass Gaming Commission was founded upon the passing of the Expanded Gaming Act, they were in need of a firm that could create their branding, from the identity to the website. Fortunately, they went all-in with Jackrabbit, and it’s been a true win-win relationship!

The mission of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is to create a fair, transparent, and participatory process for implementing the expanded gaming law. As a new Commission created over a controversial law, there was a lot at stake when developing the identity. It was important that the logo concepts represented the mission and values of the Commission, and also showed signs of the energy and enthusiasm that gaming (and the new jobs it creates) brings to the state. So, we set out to do just that. We showed a number of logo designs, each created with solid thinking and lots of attention to detail, and after a few rounds we found a winner!

The selected logo is designed as a seal, which signifies the Commission’s professionalism and authority, and has several key elements: it includes the full name as well as the abbreviated “Mass Gaming” version; it has five stars to represent the five Commissioners; the emblem at the top represents the three values: fair, transparent, and participatory. It’s a logo with a lot of meaning behind it!

We carried the logo through to the stationery and other marketing collateral, as well as the biggest component of all – the website. The Commission has a lot of content to share, receives a good deal of media attention, and serves a variety of visitors, so the information architecture was key. We worked hard to blueprint the site, focusing on keeping it easy to navigate and enjoyable for the user. We wanted to get all of that great content in a well-organized, well-designed website, and managed to do just that.

Again, it’s the attention to detail that sets this site apart. It comes through in things like the filtering options for the blog, and the robust dropdown menus including the “I Want To” tab that puts everything in super simple terms for the user (which we won’t take all of the credit for – it was the client’s own great idea). All in all, it’s a brand we’re proud to have helped create, and are excited to continue developing!


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