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Jackrabbit Celebrates “Worksgiving”

Jackrabbit Design December 5, 2013 Noteworthy

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Thanks to the Target commercials this year, everyone is familiar with “friendsgiving.”  Here at Jackrabbit, we decided to run with the idea and had our very own “worksgiving” celebration – complete with turkey, cornbread stuffing, brown sugar sweet potatoes, and pumpkin and apple pie!

Just like the original Thanksgiving, everyone contributed something to our feast. The bountiful spread featured classics like butternut squash, homemade cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes, along with a broccoli walnut salad and rosemary roasted beets and carrots. Yum!

Once all the food was ready, it was time to dig in! The Jackrabbits helped themselves (some even to seconds) and pulled up a seat around the island in the kitchen to share in the delicious meal.


After we finished the “worksgiving” dinner, it was time to get back to work and work up an appetite again. A short while later, we took another quick break for dessert! We had an excellent homemade pumpkin pie, and got our scrumptious apple pie from our client Eagle Farms. The fresh whipped cream and vanilla ice cream were the perfect complements to the rich and buttery pies!


After the feast, all of the Rabbits were incredibly full, but also very grateful. We’re thinking “worksgiving” may just have to become a Jackrabbit tradition. With delicious food, a great team, and awesome clients, we have every reason to give thanks!


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