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Jackrabbit Labs: Superhero Edition

Jackrabbit Design July 14, 2017 Jackrabbit LABS, Creativity

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Jackrabbit LABS is many things, but it is certainly never boring.

And with Sandra at the helm, we were excited to dive into last month’s LABS challenge – superheroes! We were divvied up into teams, and each team was tasked with creating their own superhero. The one and only rule: the superhero had to involve carrots in some way, shape, or form. Other than that, anything was fair game!

We spent a couple hours meeting, sketching, writing, and doodling, and ultimately each team came up with something awesome. Check out the results below!

Team 1: Lynn, Chris A, Megan, and Jake

Superhero: Captain Taproot


The year is 1994. The location is the fledgling office of Microsoft, which is notoriously built on a radioactive waste dumping ground. Microsoft employee Vincent Connare sits at his desk, dreams of one day escaping the doldrums of office cubicles. By day, he’s a run-of-the-mill designer; but by night, and in his daydreams, he’s creating a pantheon of fonts, yearning for the day when he will join the ranks of design legends.

And then, one day, it happens. Vince puts the final curving line on a series of letters, completing his magnum opus. And he calls it Comic Sans. Microsoft is overjoyed, thrilled to release this new phenomenon upon the masses. And so they send it down to the bowels of the Microsoft office, to their little-known animal design testing facility.

Our hero is test subject #333, a young bunny with dreams that go beyond the confines of the basement. After Vince’s big Comic Sans breakthrough, #333 passes his days in sheer torture, viewing designs that go from horrible to…whatever is worse than horrible.

Then, one night, the researchers are gone and #333 takes a sip of his water and notices something strange. His left ear feels hot, and then it starts to grow. And then his other ear starts to grow. And then his whole body begins to rapidly expand, quickly pushing against the confines of his little cage until the cage bursts open. And still he grows. He grows until he fills half the room.

He stares around the room, in awe of his newfound size. He looks at his paws, and is shocked to find that he has fingers and opposable thumbs, all covered in fur. He finds that he is terribly hungry, and all he wants is carrots. Inspired by his sudden-onset height, he leans backwards and heaves forward in a big, bounding, luxurious hop…

…and suddenly the whole office building is behind him, a pile of rubble set atop a pile of noxious radioactive waste. #333 can knock down a whole building! #333 can hop one hundred yards! #333 deserves a far better name, but all he can think about are carrots. He looks to his right, where there is a conveniently-located farm, and with one sweeping gesture scoops up a row of carrots and shoves them into his mouth. Delicious!

Time for a new name, but still carrots on the mind. As he munches, #333 has a revelation: he’ll be the most amazing, delicious, life-saving thing on the planet – the taproot, the edible part of the carrot! And so Captain Taproot is born. And his mission?

He thought of his time in the basement, passing his days trying not to faint at the myriad of horrible aesthetic choices. He thought of Vince Connare, and the havoc Comic Sans was about the wreak. “To save the world,” he thought, “from bad design!”

And so our hero began his journey, hopping to hotbeds of bad design with his trusty carrots to adjust kerning, tweak color palettes, and save branding around the world. You may have seen his work, but you’ll never know – he keeps a low profile to stay out of the hands of corporate giant Microsoft. But his mark is everywhere, and now you know – no bad design is safe from Captain Taproot!

Team 2: Chris K, Henry, Cara, and Sandra

Superhero: Jack of All Trades



Every rabbit at Jackrabbit design is a superhero in one way or another! Our superhero Jack of All Trades encompasses the talents and skills of our project managers, designers, and developers who work hard every day turning crazy ideas into reality.
Frankendesign, the epitome of a bad design, is terrorizing Rabbitville with his mismatched styles and unoriginal designs. What is a group of creative rabbits to do as Frankendesign tramples through their peaceful town?!
But wait…what’s that in the sky? It’s Jack of All Trades coming in to save the day with his trusty Photoshop tool kit!
He swoops right in ready to lasso, crop, and slice away all the unnecessary elements until we come up with the perfect final product sure to please any client and restore Rabbitville back to peace and simplicity.

Team 3: Dori, Liz, Kevin, and Johnny

Superhero: Mr. Haré / Dr. Karrot

Click here for visuals


There once was a man who worked at Ken’s Food, creating salad dressing. Then, one day, there was a horrible salad spinner accident, and the man was forever changed.

Fast forward 10 years…

We’re in the dentist office of Dr. Kristof Karrot, DDS. He works in the Burrow Building, fixing and cleaning teeth. One night, a patient comes in late. Dr. Kristof Karrot, the formerly mentioned employee, recognizes this patient as Ken of Ken’s Foods. Quickly, Dr. Karrot excuses himself to the next room…

…where he changes into his superhero costume! Our Dr. Karrot has a secret identity as Mr. Haré, altered and made super by his salad spinner accident. He runs back into the room where Ken waits, and exacts his revenge.

Team 4: Adrienne, Belanna, Doug, and Taz

Superhero: Jack



Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jack. Jack loved all vegetables, but his favorite was the carrot. To keep Jack occupied during a day of errands, his mother would always give him a carrot to munch on.

Jack’s mother would push him in the stroller while they walked around their town, and she would always comment on the people and happenings she witnessed. Jack mostly ignored her, since he had his carrot stick to focus on. But today wasn’t like every other day—on this day, the organic, GMO-free, free range carrot Jack was snacking on was endowed with magical powers.

Jack’s mother needed her daily unicorn frappucino at Starbucks. While they waited, she commented on how everyone in line was glued to their cellphones, which was causing them to order slowly. Jack pointed his magic carrot stick to the line of distracted customers and BAM! All of their cellphones turned into carrots!

Now everyone in line was focused on eating their healthy snack instead of swiping right and left to find their nearest Tinder match. The line moved faster, and Jack’s mom finally got her unicorn frappucino.

As they made their way out of Starbucks, Jack’s mom heard a commotion near the drink pickup. A man is yelling obscenities at the barista because his coffee order was incorrect. Jack’s mom commented on how mean the man was, and at that moment Jack again pointed his half-eaten carrot stick at the man. BAM! No longer was he shouting a the barista; instead, carrots were spewing from his mouth. Take that, potty mouth!

Jack and his mother left Starbucks, and began to head home. Jack took his last bite of the carrot, just as his mother notices someone stealing packages off their neighbor’s porch. Jack points what is left of the carrot—but nothing happens. The carrot’s magic powers have run out. Disappointed that he could not help the neighbor, Jack tosses the remaining carrot into the garden.

Saving Milton from theft will just have to wait until tomorrow!


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