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Jackrabbit LABS: Cocktail Edition!

Jackrabbit Design September 23, 2014 Jackrabbit LABS

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Around here, cocktails and Fridays go together like peanut butter & jelly. You can imagine our excitement when the theme of the most recent Jackrabbit LABS was a cocktail challenge!

The rules were simple: craft a signature Jackrabbit drink using a plethora of liquor, mixers, and muddlers – and create a brand around it.

The Rabbits were split into teams, and to be judged on their creativity in the following five categories:

  • Name of Cocktail
  • Logo Design
  • Table Tent Design
  • Overall Presentation
  • Taste

Team 1: Jess, Kevin, Lindsay, and Taz

“Down the Rabbit Hole”

photo 1-3

A delicious combination shot of Malibu, Jack Daniels, Peach Schnapps and Cranberry juice dropped in a cold glass of Red Bull – a no nonsense drop shot for the real rabbit…how far down the rabbit hole will you go?

Team 2: Chris K., Ed the Intern, Erin, and Lynn

“Buzzed Bunny”


A tropical rum runner cocktail with a unique Jackrabbit twist, Buzzed Bunny is the perfect concoction for a weekend vacation. Enjoy it in a tall glass rimmed with cinnamon & sugar, garnished with our signature orange peel rabbit ears. Get buzzed quick as a bunny, let your inner zany rabbit take control.

Team 3: Adrienne, Chris A and Johnny

“The Foot of the Rabbit”

photo 2

With fresh cucumber and mint mixed with grapefruit soda and freshly squeezed lemon, The Foot of the Rabbit is a cool, crisp easy sipping cocktail for those who don’t need horseshoes or 4-leaf clovers, they make their own luck!

Team 4: Dori, Jason and Liz

“Jackrabbit’s Hare-Raising Whiskey Thumper”

photo 3-2

Muddle together fresh mint leaves, a half of a lemon, a quarter of an orange, and raspberries. Mix the fruit-filled concoction together with a quarter cup of Jack Daniels and a splash of simple syrup and serve over crushed – not cubed – iced. Garnish with a rabbit-shaped raspberry, orange and mint garnish and get some cottontail.

Left with the daunting (albeit delicious) task of selecting the winner, Cara and Dave tallied up the points in each category. The coveted cocktail-mixer-master title was awarded to…..

TEAM 2 with the BUZZED BUNNY cocktail!
Congrats to Chris K., Ed the Intern, Erin, and Lynn!

To learn more about Jackrabbit LABS, launched in 2012, check out this blog post.


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