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Jackrabbit LABS: Marshmallow Mania!

Cara Ogar September 7, 2013 Jackrabbit LABS

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Our last Jackrabbit LABS happened to fall on National Toasted Marshmallow Day (August 30th). It is safe to say we celebrated accordingly.

Everyone broke into groups of three and had to construct some sort of creation using marshmallows, AND tying into occupations (we were loosely incorporating the upcoming Labor Day weekend too). Teams got one bag of big marshmallows and one bag of mini marshmallows. The other supplies could come from the pile of items assembled or anything else that could be found in the office.

The results? Fantastic.

Team 1: Dori & Jess

Down one member, these ladies still created a wonderfully detailed scene of a dog-walker, complete with real dirt!

Team 2: Karen, Kevin & Dave

These three chose a hilariously unappealing occupation – luckily, they gave the guy a paperclip for a nose plug!

Team 3: Jason, Lynn & Chris K.

A scene from a comic book – Supermallow Man comes to save the day in Sourville!

Team 4: Taz, Amy & Cara

Here, a mad-scientist professor conducts an experiment (which, if it went awry, could result in some very toasted marshmallows).

Definitely an excellent LABS all around!

To learn more about Jackrabbit LABS, launched in 2012, check out this blog post.


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