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“Make the logo BIGGER”

Liz Rightor December 24, 2014 Branding & Design

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That’s right, we’re going there…

If you’re a designer, you’ve heard it; if you’re a client, you’ve probably said it. So, what is the right size for a logo on a website? As with most design questions, there is no right answer…. but there are some important things to take into consideration.

Apply your brand to the entire website, not just the top left corner

A website shouldn’t rely solely on a logo for brand recognition. Your logo is a visual representation of your brand, but it’s not intended to work alone. Other items in your brand toolkit should help do the heavy lifting, like your key messages, imagery, and value propositions. These elements tell more about your brand than you logo ever could alone.

Edgework Consulting

Our designers put the focus of the site on a strong hero banner space that displays Edgework’s “What If…” messaging (in their brand colors). The messaging gives users a peek into the transformative possibilities that working with Edgework provides, which is at the heart of their brand.



Boston Baroque

Our designers used strong black and white photographs, customized with colorful smoke-like accents to help convey the lively, emotionally charged, ground-breaking performances of Boston Baroque. This type of imagery is woven throughout all their print collateral as well.


Consider mobile huecu

The question of logo size on a website is a long discussed one (Google, “make the logo bigger,” go ahead, I’ll wait.) But mobile has sparked some new and interesting arguments around the topic. It’s truly a blessing and a curse… a curse because it limits the real estate that we can devote to a logo; and a blessing because it limits the real estate that we can devote to a logo. If we look at our website from a mobile-first perspective, we’re forced to prioritize what is the most important content to present within 320 by 480 pixels.

Harvard University Employee Credit Union

For the Harvard University Employee Credit Union, it was paramount for their customers to get to the login to do their banking. For this reason, our designers couldn’t simply use the full width of the header for the logo, we needed to account for a prominent login button as well. Prioritizing their content, HEUCU also chose to feature key offerings and benefits, along with timely information that would be important to customers, like holiday hours.

Designers: ask why and be a problem-solver

As with any design feedback, it’s important to try to get to the root of the request. What does “make the logo bigger” really mean? Is the site not doing the work in other areas? Do we need to consider how to better apply other brand elements like colors, fonts, and images? Once we get to the bottom of why the request is being made, we can creatively solve for that challenge, not just respond to a request.

It’s all about balance

The key takeaway here is thinking about your website holistically. From the different content elements down to the devices your users will be viewing it from, it’s all about finding the right balance to best represent your brand and serve your ultimate business goals.


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