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Marketing on Thin Ice

Jackrabbit Design July 7, 2011 Clients, Marketing, Project Management

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The Hypothetical.

Your friend is a marketing professional, at one of Hartford (or Boston’s) premiere professional service providers. You — I mean your friend’s company — is participating in a huge trade show, and the event is right around the corner. You your friend woke up this A.M. and realized they: A) never created any take-away collateral for their booth’s visitors, or booth graphics! and B) never created a mini-site to announce the winner for your special product giveaway (and collect more leads)?!

Thin ice. Hot water. Rock and hard-place. Pick your cliché — that’s where your friend is.

The Right Fit.

With zero time to spare, your friend — lets stop we’re talking about you — needs a shop that has the experience to foresee potential project pitfalls and curveballs, as well as the agility to deploy a team that is fit for the task(s) at hand. It’s also imperative that the shop they choose offers both graphic design and web design services.

Its about Intangibles.

With the appropriate service offerings its time to look at some of the intangibles a shop has to offer:

Agility is a nice attribute to have in your repertoire. We’re small enough (15 people) to be agile and responsive to your demanding project scope.

Staying nimble and quick is an area a lot of shops fail at. We operate relatively flat internally – this saves time on smaller projects because clients can verbalize edits and updates directly to the designer on the project. With larger (bloated, puffy, slow) agencies, your feedback/direction is collected, then has to filter, bob and weave through the chain of command. Not to say, larger projects aren’t better suited with diversely-talented teams with accompanying project managers — we roll that way too. (See line about agility above.)

Another intangible we pride ourselves on is our transparency, and how we utilize a strong network of trusted professionals. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and when a job needs to be done right, you need to go to the right man for the job. [Read Dave’s article for more about our business resources.]

The Proof is in the Pudding.

You’d have to try us for yourselves to truly appreciate the difference between Jackrabbit and another shop. But if you need a few more selling points for your … friend, please take a peak at our client case studies.


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