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Neuroscience and Design

Jackrabbit Design September 11, 2015 Branding & Design, Creativity

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Michael started work at Jackrabbit Design during the summer of 2010, fresh out of high school and without any design-related knowledge. With the help of many fantastic developers and designers, he quickly gained experience in all facets of graphic design and website development. Michael learned that each and every design choice had a purpose, and he began understanding the concept of intelligent composition.


Upon entering college, Michael chose to pursue studies in neuroscience, a field ripe with fascinating possibilities. Although his schoolwork focused on labs in attenuating cocaine-based reward, he continually returned to Jackrabbit during the summers to continue working in and learning about design. Eventually, as the neuroscience and psychology courses progressed and helped Michael develop a more integrated understanding of cognition, he began applying this knowledge to other disciplines. Design was no exception.

Less as a comprehensive exposition and more as an introduction to the topic, the below whitepaper aims to elucidate the relationship between the way our brains work and the reasons why design decisions are important. We care about aesthetic pieces and stunning graphics, but equally important are the creative decisions that yield truly intelligent works of art.


Download the Whitepaper


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