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New Kid in the Burrow: How to Succeed in Your New Job

Virgnia Gregory May 18, 2020 Resources

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Let’s set the scene: you nailed your interview (obviously from reading our last blog post), you have accepted the offer, and you have a start date. You’re officially the new kid in the borrow. Having been with Jackrabbit for a few months, I’ve gained a helpful perspective about how (and how not) to fully embrace your first few days, weeks, and months of working at your new gig. 

Here are some helpful tips:

Leverage your newness.

Now is the time to introduce yourself to your team, and learn what everyone’s role is in the company and how they’ll be working with you. Not only that but learning more about your coworkers on a personal level will help break through some of that first-day nervousness!

Ask questions—and KEEP asking them!

No one is expecting you to be an expert out of the gate, especially at a brand new company. The best thing you can do in your first few days, weeks, and months is to ask questions. Don’t hold them in! The more questions you ask now, the better equipped you will be in the months going forward. Be sure that you try to find the answer on your own too, while questions are welcome it’s important to try to answer it yourself first sometimes. But, a supportive team will always appreciate the questions to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Be open to learning and adapting.

Like most of us, we’ve fallen into a bit of a routine with how we work. Or have gotten used to a certain Creative Director’s aesthetic, or standards, or group process for handling projects. Some of us, unfortunately, end up being very stuck in our ways and don’t keep ourselves open to new workflows and processes, leading us to become very stagnant (plus, not as fun to work with!) You should also be open and willing to suggest new and more efficient ways of doing things—I’m sure your coworkers would love you for it!

Say “Yes!” to company culture.

Become immersed in your company’s culture and get involved with as many non-work activities as possible. Even if you’re a bit of an introvert, I think you’ll find yourself having more fun than expected, and really bonding with your new team. For me, I have loved getting involved with Jackrabbit’s book club, game nights, and cornhole!

And last, but most importantly…


No matter how long you’ve been at any one company, we are all in a constant state of learning, and becoming better at our jobs. Especially as a new employee, you should be giving yourself some slack and allow yourself to make mistakes (just try not to repeat the same ones). Especially if you’re eager to become an important member of the team, you want to make sure every last thing you put in front of your boss or team is stellar. But remember, we are all human. If you are at the right company—your team will support you, and help you become the best version of yourself. 



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