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Office Culture: What’s the Deal?

Danielle Staruk March 23, 2020 Off-Topic

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Office Culture isn’t a new concept, but more companies are paying attention to it and potential employees are looking for a place where they know they’ll fit in. Office Culture isn’t just about having free snacks available (although that is great too—I require seltzer and peanut butter crackers), it’s also about giving your team a way to feel connected with each other beyond getting the job done.

You don’t need a huge office to sprinkle a bit of fun in your space! The burrow (where the rabbits get things done) is quite cozy but we still have room for things like midday puzzles, after lunch card games (rummy, cribbage, and Magic: the Gathering are rabbit favorites), and lunch & learns. It is also super important to get your team out of the office to encourage team building away from their work space!

Here are a few things that have been really popular with the Jackrabbit team that might help inspire you to do at your office!

books and flowers Office Culture

Book Club

When I first started at Jackrabbit I wasn’t a huge reader, so when the ladies asked me to join I politely passed. After about 6 months of asking me to join, a book finally piqued my interest (Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer). A year and a half later I’ve got over 200 books on my want to read list in Goodreads and the maximum amount of holds on my Libby account! Read more in this blog about our book club (and some really awesome books we’ve read).

Jackrabbit team at Good Sports volunteer day


We have a really awesome opportunity to work with a client who has a need for volunteers, so we jump (or hop) on opportunities when they need extra hands to get work done! We recently spent a day the Good Sports warehouse packing up 956 sports bras for the She Who Plays campaign. Working together to help out a good cause is super rewarding!

playing Mario Kart Office Culture

Game Night

You can’t go wrong with drinks, snacks, and games! Some of our favorites lately have been Jackbox Games and any of the Mario games on the Switch. You don’t need a gaming system to make this happen though, you can also play board games or cards!

playing cornhole Office Culture


Last summer some really great outdoor games were set up at the park near our office, and as soon as Labor Day hit they were put away for the season. We asked our Head Rabbit for a set of our own and he ordered a custom set from Promo Toss so we can play whenever we want! This is a popular lunchtime activity when the sun is shining. If you have a flat surface and some competitive people, this one is a must!



This one is my personal favorite, and is the easiest to accomplish! When the Head Rabbit bought a fancy reclaimed wooden table, we decided to take it over for our midday puzzling. It’s a great way to take a quick break away from your desk, and allow your eyes a break from your computer screen. Find a sizable table and grab some challenging puzzles—just don’t buy this all white puzzle, which might be considered cruel and unusual punishment!

If this blog was too long for you, here’s the short version (TL;DR):

Do things outside of the regularly scheduled programming to strengthen your bonds with coworkers. Figure out what people are interested in and start your own version of game night or book club!

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