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Jackrabbit LABS: The Great Paper Caper

Jackrabbit Design November 4, 2014 Jackrabbit LABS

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Have you ever wondered how many types of paper there are in the world? Well, during our most recent Jackrabbit LABS day, we were fortunate to handle quite a few of them!

There were paper samples and swatch books as far as the eye could see! With the help of our Lindenmeyr Munroe representative, Tom Glenn, we were able to learn more about the important aspects of selecting the right paper for the print projects we work on here at Jackrabbit.


There’s white and then there is white.

Did you know the brightness of paper is measured on a scale from 1 to 100 with 100 being the brightest? White paper that reflects a yellow light would grade lower on the scale whereas white paper that reflects blue light would grade higher. When a client asks for their project to be printed on white paper, our designers take into consideration the colors of the image when selecting paper brightness. The interaction of ink with the brightness of the paper will determine how the image will appear on the paper.

Paper made from trees to look like trees.

Running our hands over the different textures of paper was fascinating! The samples ranged from smooth to rough, silk to wood grain. Some of the newest textures we sampled were suede, rubber, wood, and silk. New techniques with varnish turn the texture of an apple on a page into a smooth, shiny apple ripe for the picking!

Trends in paper.

Even in the e-crazy world we live in, paper is surely not dead. In fact, the paper industry continues to grow each year. With ‘green’ paper lines from large manufacturers like Neenah to sustainable paper companies (yes, sustainable!) like New Leaf Paper, the paper industry has proven endurance and versatility.

What we learned during our paper LABS will benefit us when helping clients choose the optimal paper for their print jobs. It was also a lot of fun!

Our Creative Director, Lynn Spooner, said it best:
“It was really fantastic having our team together and getting excited over paper! Our print designers love some good paper talk! Our knowledgeable paper rep shared some great samples that really inspired everyone. It was a nice reminder on the power of paper and that print is not dead!”

To learn more about Jackrabbit LABS, launched in 2012, check out this blog post.


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