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From Pre to Post: The Film Production Timeline

Evan Scales June 15, 2018 Project Management, Production, Productivity

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While a TV spot, corporate video, or recruiting piece can seem like a simple concept, there’s quite a bit of production that needs to happen before anything hits the screens. Luckily, Jackrabbit is a full-service agency, so we handle all aspects in-house. Wondering what these aspects are? Look no further.


Pre-production starts as soon as we get the call for video. Once we gather basic information from you, like objective(s), budget, and timeframe, we start honing in some concepts. Then we’ll present those concepts to you, hear your thoughts, and dial in to one final idea. After the concepting stage is finished, we’ll start planning the production. We’ll get a shooting schedule approved, gather talent from our numerous talent agencies (or your own office if you have star-worthy coworkers), scout and lock down locations, gather the necessary crew and equipment–and consume lots of coffee. All you do is sit back and relax (and approve things when they need approval). Before you know it, the Jackrabbit team will be heading out to shoot.


Production is, by far, the quickest of the three stages of a video. It’s also the most fast-paced. We stick by our shooting schedule as best we can, but allow ourselves to veer depending on how the day or night is going. It’s important to find a good pace for production to keep all members in-tune, efficient, and awake. If we’re working with children, for example, we’ll slow the shoot down just a bit.

At Jackrabbit, we know the shoot like the back of our hand before going into it. We did come up with the concept, after all! Since your director has been with the project since it’s birth, you don’t need to worry about different visions coming through during this process. We’ll all be on the exact same page.


Once we get back to the studio after a shoot, post begins. We offload, process, and categorize all the footage and other media from the production. Often, we shoot 20 times more footage than what goes into the final piece. This way, we make sure that the final product only contains the best of the best–perfect dialog, level eyelines, moving expressions.

As we’re going through rounds of edits, your project manager will be communicating with you to get your feedback on everything from pace and shots to music and graphics. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the final product. Soon, we’ll finalize whatever deliverables we agreed upon–standard versions for television or web, tall versions for social, or anything else you can think of.


This seems like a lot, but the Rabbits have a lot of practice. Let us know how we can help. And if you’d like to see some of our video work that followed this very process, hop over to vimeo.com/jackrabbitdesign.



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