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Jackrabbit Design June 13, 2016 1 Comment

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Every company has a unique ethos, and that ethos is often amplified through the personality traits of the team members.

But when it comes time to display your team on your website, headshots without personality can often render an office staid or boring, two things that Jackrabbit is not.

How to translate the wide-ranging, unique, sparkling, creative diaspora that is the Jackrabbit team into a web page? The first answer was to go beyond the headshot and use custom illustrations! We took each team member, illustrated them in a pose or with a prop that spoke to their personality, and placed them together in one big happy group. Then we carried that fun illustration style to the design of the rest of the site, bringing the real personality of our office to light. Check out our original illustrations below (Lynn, Larry, Jason, Dori, Dave, Chris K, Chris A, and Cara):

lynn larry jason dori dave
chrisk chrisacara



And then our team grew further. Churning out illustration after illustration is a good way to distract from our real work, so we decided to tackle the team page a different way. This time, we went the headshot route, but with a twist: sets of personality shots, with props and poses chosen by the subject, coupled with personal photos on the team member’s bio page. We took at one step further, with a few animated fun facts sprinkled amongst the photos. The result is fun, interactive, and lets the team showcase their personality multiple times over (as exemplified by Lindsay!):



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