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The Rabbit Round Up: February

Cara Ogar March 3, 2015 Rabbit Round-up

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Just because it is the shortest month doesn’t mean it is lacking in creativity!

Rabbit Round-Up:


Ready for the big leagues

Industry: Non profit

We designed and developed the Good Sports website a couple of years ago, and although the bones of the site were still in great shape, it needed a facelift to better match the evolving brand. More importantly, the original site we did was just old enough to not have been built responsively–something that is now inherent in all of our websites. We had a great time refreshing the Good Sports site with an updated color palette and more modern look, as well as streamlining the navigation a bit. The new site maintains the hard work that went into the original, but better reflects the current state of the championship organization.


A sea of excellence

Industry: Retail

What does it take to sell a Southport boat? A twenty-minute ride on one. What does it take to get someone on a demo ride? Well, Jackrabbit. Over the past couple of months, we have taken a thorough look at the Southport branding and collateral. With such a great product, the marketing pieces were easy to develop. We put together materials for their events, including banner stands and posters, along with brochures and sell sheets that visitors could take with them. We refined their logo to create a sleeker version, and used imagery to convey the excellence of the product and the brand. We’re thrilled with the results so far, and we’re are looking forward to tackling the website next!


Next month we are looking forward to…

• Designing event materials for the annual BAMSI gala
• Going live with the new Norwest Equity Partners website


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