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Rabbit Roundup: March 2017

Jackrabbit Design March 16, 2017 Branding & Design, Clients, Creativity, Noteworthy, Project Management, Rabbit Round-up, Technology, Web Design & Development

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What a difference a year (and three months) makes!

Yes – that’s how long it’s been since our last Rabbit Roundup post. We’re a little lapsed, but that just means we have more amazing projects to share!

Innovation, Exercise, and Entrepreneurship

Industry: Education


We’ve loved our experiences working with these three facets of MIT. Their sites are always interesting and engaging to look at, and every element is informed by the content it holds. Additionally, the MIT team members were excellent partners throughout the processes for their individual sites, working closely with our project managers to facilitate quick decisions, quality content, and accurate execution.

  • MITii – This program strives to “connect the varied pathways and networks in this domain to equip the MIT community and its partners to move powerful ideas from conception to impact.” Creating the concept for this site was a blast – the idea of “innovation” drove every template iteration, and the end result is both unique and true to MITii’s overall brand. With the launch of this new site, the program’s unparalleled work in innovation and entrepreneurship is backed by a site that matches their mission.
  • MIT Recreation – This is a group that really understands teamwork. You can check out our blog post that focused specifically on their site here, but suffice it to say that their new site lives up to their wide variety of programs, facilities, and areas of expertise. Plus, photographer Pat O’Connor was able to spend a day taking unbelievably dynamic, energetic photos – even their 404 page features one of his shots.
  • MIT REAP – This site was an exercise in strategy and user experience. The team at MIT REAP “[achieves its] mission by translating research insights into practical frameworks, convening stakeholders focused on IDE, and educating regional leaders through team-based interaction to achieve economic and social progress.” Finding ways to create easy pathways for users to find what they need, as well as consolidating the large amounts of content from the original site and distilling it into accessible categories for their regional cohorts, was certainly a challenge. However, we were more than up to it, and as you can see, the excellent partnership with the REAP team resulted in a site that is intuitive and visually interesting.

The Black Dog

Industry: Retail


If you’re a New Englander of any variety, chances are you’ve at least heard of The Black Dog. A Martha’s Vineyard staple, the flagship store has moved beyond its tavern roots to open storefronts in destinations around the world. The Black Dog team was a great partner in this venture, working closely with us to supply fun imagery, content outlines, and key retail information.

When we launched the site, we were thrilled with it overall – but we felt like their Legacy page, which tells the story of their founder and his faithful sidekick, was a little lacking. So, through some copywriting work and a few beautiful illustrations from Chris A, we produced a page with a fully illustrated story that accurately reflects the spirit of The Black Dog!

Methods Machine Tools

Industry: Manufacturing


Methods Machine Tools is “North America’s foremost supplier of leading-edge precision machine tool and additive solutions” – and now they have a website to match their historically cutting-edge status.

This site was a lot of fun to think through, but our biggest challenge was figuring out how to include a large amount of written and visual information for their many products. Each product can contain images, descriptive information, lengthy overview information, features and benefits, and product options. Containing all of this on a single page for each product was tricky, but our designers found a way to present the information in a way that is compact, digestible, and visually appealing.

Another key area is the location map – Methods Machine Tools is international, and we wanted to cleanly and clearly showcase their various locations and distribution centers. Each location has its own set of information, so we wanted to be sure to incorporate those layers with a feature that matched the look and feel of the rest of the site. Check out (and interact with) our solution here!


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