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The Rabbit’s Logo Memory

Jackrabbit Design January 31, 2018 Jackrabbit LABS, Creativity

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We create logos. That’s what we do.

We discover, design, refine, and execute logos across industries of all sorts. In out latest LABS, we wanted to find out what happens when the rabbits attempt to draw well-known logos from memory.

The results? They were amusing, surprising, and a bit concerning that we didn’t have more accurate drawings of our very own Jackrabbit company logo (or know what a panda looks like!). This challenge served to be harder than it seemed, but yielded some good laughs.

Check out our masterpieces and we challenge you to give it a try!

1.) Jackrabbit Design

2.) Starbucks

3.) Pizzahut

4.) Chipotle

5.) Domino’s Pizza

6.) Fruit Center

7.) Red Sox

8.) MBTA

9.) Slack

10.) Snapchat

11.) Instagram

12.) Spotify

13.) Chrome

14.) Warheads

15.) Pringles

16.) Sunchips

17.) Amazon

18.) Target

19.) World Wildlife Fund

20.) Olympics


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