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Communication is Key

Dave Belyea May 23, 2011 Project Management

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It’s amazing how bad communications professionals can be at communicating! Go figure!? Don’t get me wrong, we are not blameless here.

Our biggest initiative at Jackrabbit has been to better communicate our process with our clients in a much more fluid and proactive way. Here are just a few simple steps that we have mandated for all projects.

For the longest time, we’d assume people just knew what we were talking about, no matter the amount of buzzwords and industry jargon we used.

Discovery: Getting everyone on the same page is key. Not just about the goals of the project, but to the deliverable and follow through as well. And it is essential that ALL stakeholders on the client side have bought in. This is documented and signed off on from commencement.

Communications: We have recently deployed Basecamp by 37 Signals as our online project management hub. Here we house the creative brief and the discovery documentation along with the project timeline and list of responsibilities. By centralizing this to one hub, it streamlines the communications process.

Follow Through: I will admit we were culprits of delivering a product, whether a website or a printed piece, and then putting our heads back down and focusing on the next fire drill or the next client. We try to be as proactive as possible with a project postmortem to see what went well and possibly what went sideways – this helps us to get better. Then, in our best attempt we try and be as proactive as possible to recommend or suggest ways of promoting whatever it is we just did.


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