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Social Media Listomania

Cara Ogar July 27, 2011 Productivity, Resources

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I love lists. I love making lists, the satisfaction of crossing a task off and the ease of always knowing what’s next on my plate.  As a self-proclaimed listomaniac, I not only use them for cooking, packing, and daily tasks, but also as a great way to get marketing tips in an effective way.  Lists help fight through the online clutter and get to the heart of an article without a great deal of time or brainpower.   For this reason, I often gravitate to the “top tens” and “favorite fives” in order to get the meatiest content in a hurry.   So, in honor of the other listomaniacs out there, I’ve created a list of some recent social media articles that I’m digging. In numerical order, of course:

  1. 3 Essential Twitter Tools You’ve Never Heard Of

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  2. 9 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Content

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  3. 11 Analytics Metrics That Are Actionable

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  4. 20 Free Social Media Brand Monitoring Tools

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  5. 29 Ways To Stay Creative (Especially #1!)

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And just for fun, to all you other list junkies out there, the mother of all lists.


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