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The Rabbit Round Up: April

Cara Ogar April 25, 2012 Rabbit Round-up

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April has lots to offer for the Rabbits (including a holiday basically made for us). Needless to say, we’ve been making the most of the month, and have a few things worth sharing.

Rabbit Round-Up:

More than Pretty Pictures

Industry: Event Production

I’ve already told you about the VDA website, which we launched back in February, but we were also working on an awesome printed brochure for VDA simultaneously. With such amazing photos and a great story, the brochure was a designer’s dream. From the format of the piece, where we got to incorporate things like large foldout elements and die cuts, to the special touches incorporated into the printing, like the spot gloss varnish to make the photos really pop, the end result is something we are very happy with.

Fold-out spread of VDA brochure

Spot gloss varnish on brochure photos

The printed VDA brochure (shown above) follows the look and feel of the website, focusing on their five main services and the overall expertise and attention to detail that is inherent to the VDA brand. However, there is something uniquely special about the printed piece – having something physical to hold and flip through (which we are doing now with the samples we’ve received fresh from the printer).

Taste (and Shop) the History

Industry: Beverage

We’ve talked a lot about our relationship with Mayflower Brewing Company, as we have worked with them since their inception and have gotten the opportunity to do some really cool projects together. One of our latest endeavors was to take the variety of merchandise they sell in their retail store, and make it available to view and purchase online. We designed and developed their e-commerce site, which was recently launched.

Next month we are looking forward to…

  • Seeing the printed Northeastern brochures
  • Kicking off our first-ever Jackrabbit Labs Day!


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