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The Rabbit Round-Up: January

Cara Ogar January 23, 2012 Rabbit Round-up

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Happy New Year! So far, we’re really impressed with the ambition and goal-setting that we see come along every January. For our clients, marketing initiatives are often a big part of those “new year” goals, and that keeps us pretty busy at Jackrabbit. Not to mention, we’ve set some pretty lofty goals ourselves! Now let’s just see if we can carry them throughout the year…

Rabbit Round-Up:

Going Live with a New & Improved Look

Industry: Financial

We recently launched the new website for Camden Partners, a venture capital firm out of Baltimore. The site maintained the firm’s branding, but everything else went through a total overhaul. For example, during the discovery phase we learned that the majority of visitors viewing the Camden site would be especially interested in seeing the firm’s portfolio and learning about the team. Therefore, we made both of these sections super easy to navigate, but more importantly, we tied them together in an interesting and dynamic way. From the portfolio section, you can view the Camden team members involved in the specific deal. From the team section, you can view the associated deals each person was involved with. We also incorporated both of these elements in the homepage, with a tabbed “Spotlight On” section that shows featured employees and deals. These seemingly small details actually play a huge role in delivering a great user experience!

Oh! And one other detail worth noting – see that night time shot of Baltimore, the third banner image? That was taken by the client themselves (nice job, Trish!).

Second Time Around

Industry: Business Organization

Around this time last year, we were hard at work on the 2010 New England Council annual report. It was our first year designing and producing the piece, which was chock full of great information on all of the Council’s issues, initiatives and events. This month, we’re working hard again to get the 2011 annual to print. It is always a bit easier the second time around, when the design is more of an evolution from the past year opposed to a totally new creation. However, it is important not to overlook the magnitude of great design in such a piece. With so much information to display, the design needs to serve as a way to organize that information and guide the reader accordingly. The simple, clean design that we’ve created for the report aims to do that again this year! Files are off to print in February and they will be ready to read by March.

Giving the Client Control

Industry: Financial

Falcon Investments, an investment firm based in Boston and New York, came to us with an interesting dilemma. They were not unhappy with the overall design of their website, but they had no control over it. From changing simple text, to adding images or putting up new transactions, the site did not allow for easy updates. We reworked the design a bit, to bring it up to speed with today’s web standards, but the most important thing we did was redevelop the site to allow for a content management system. Integrating an easy to use CMS allows the client to make changes to any and all of the content on the site. From swapping out photos, to adding and deleting pages or making text edits, they now have the ability to control it all.

Next month we are looking forward to…

  • Unveiling the many elements of the South Shore Hospital Charitable Foundation’s latest campaign
  • Going live with a website that we’ve had in the works for quite some time (and one that is a personal design favorite of mine!)
  • Wishing Lillian (daughter of Lucas, our multi-talented web developer) a Happy First Birthday!


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