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The Rabbit Round Up: July

Cara Ogar July 18, 2012 Rabbit Round-up

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See what the Rabbits are up to this July!

Rabbit Round-Up:

Experimenting, Learning, & Collaborating

A few months back,

we launched our first ever “Jackrabbit LABS” day at Jackrabbit Design. The idea is that we all set aside time specifically for cultivating our company’s creativity through team collaboration, experimenting, and learning. Our plan is to devote 4 solid hours to this concept on Fridays, every few weeks, all year long and to really make it a part of our culture!

In a company filled with creatives that produce phenomenal designs, and developers that appear to be able to make the Web do anything they want it to, there is a lot of talent going on here. Jackrabbit LABS is a way to fuel that talent. All employees have a chance to spend that time doing whatever it takes to achieve this – from collaborating with a team member on a project, presenting new things to the team, holding a roundtable to learn from a past project, sharing inspiration, learning a new program, developing something in a new way – basically anything that can help us get better as individuals and as a team.

For example, a couple of our graphic designers attended the HOW Design Conference back in June. Lynn and Chris A. both had a great time and were able enjoy creative inspiration bliss at the event. But the best part? When they returned to the office, they spent time sharing what they learned with the whole team during a LABS day. We all got a glimpse of the conference highlights and learned from their experience. They even created cool pieces to help facilitate the conversation with the team:

Basically, Labs is awesome, because you never know what might happen. It’s great having everyone collaborate and learn new things, which keeps us all in tip-top shape – for our own benefit and our clients!

The Power of Performance

Industry: Electrical and Technologies Contracting

The SullyMac website that Jackrabbit designed and developed was launched this month, and we’re excited to see it live. The site is visually appealing, with a bold design that is heavy on imagery. We wanted to create a site that stood out, while still making sense within their industry:

The homepage features a handful of interesting shots (from active work sites to finished projects) which show at random for users coming to the site. The rest of the site design maintains the look and feel of the homepage, utilizing more subtle background photos throughout. We’re really pleased with how all of the content came together with the design and site functionality to create a great user experience.

Next month we are NOT looking forward to…

• Saying goodbye to our fabulous summer interns – Johnny Lee, Michael, and John, who have all been so amazing to work with over the last couple of months! 

Next month we ARE looking forward to…

  • Kicking off our new project with Invision Inc…
  • Filling you in on the latest Labs exercise – with plenty of graphics!


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