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The Rabbit Round Up: June

Cara Ogar June 14, 2012 Rabbit Round-up

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See what the Rabbits are up to at the start of summer!

Rabbit Round-Up:

Achieving Extraordinary Outcomes

Industry: Financial

TM Capital, an investment banking firm based in New York, Boston and Atlanta, worked with Jackrabbit on a new website, which just went live this month. Like many of our clients, their prior site felt dated, lacked an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS), and just didn’t fit the goals and objectives of the increasingly successful firm. However, they also had some unique challenges that we had the opportunity to solve for them, such as how to showcase their deals.

A global mid-market investment banking firm with multiple locations, a significant number of years in the business and a wide range of sectors and capabilities means one thing – they have A LOT of transactions. Like, over 200. On the old site, these were all uploaded onto one page, basically just a sea of images that didn’t allow users much interaction or easy sorting. With the new site, the Transactions section needed to accomplish a balance of objectives: good looking, easy for the user to navigate, and easy for TM to keep updated. I’d say we accomplished that with our “tombstone grid” – showing all of their transactions with the ability to sort by capability and industry, and utilizing a lightbox to showcase more information/details on each transaction:

Working with TM Capital was a great experience, and we’re excited to continue our relationship with them. We currently have a couple of print projects in-house (working on one-pagers and a new design for their pitch books) as well as revamping their e-mail marketing to better match the new website.

The Power of an Animated Demo

Industry: Human Resources

Often times, Jackrabbit will get the chance to hear a passionate CEO speak about their company, and walk us through things in a way that, at the end, gives the listener total clarity and understanding, along with an overall sense of excitement. But how do you take that meeting and allow people across the country to access it on their own time, without the benefit of the CEO being there? You have Jackrabbit create an animated demo, obviously.

HighRoads is a long-time Jackrabbit client that we’ve enjoyed working with on all types of projects. Recently, we did an animated demo for them, basically boiling down the features and main benefits of using HighRoads into an incredibly easy to understand one minute and forty-eight seconds.

Demos are not an easy thing to do by any means – in fact, the amount of work that can go into a couple of minutes is pretty intense. First, we got the privilege of sitting in a room with Michael Byers, CEO of HighRoads, where his passionate explanation of the company still managed to excite us, even though we’ve clearly known all about them for years! He walked us through the elements that should be featured in the demo and we all discussed the various challenges. We then took that meeting and formed it into a script, which was revised over and over, and then recorded as a voiceover. Next, we had to come up with a creative theme to put the voice to. We focused on simple, streamlined graphics that really broke things down in such an “aha!” way that I’d like to imagine those watching the demo now get a level of clarity similar to the one they’d get if Michael was standing in their kitchen explaining it to them.

You can check out the demo here, and stay tuned because we’re currently working on a couple of variations to address additional HighRoads benefits!

Next month we are looking forward to…

  • Showing off the new SullyMac website…
  • Continuing to art direct the photo shoots for Bauer’s various hockey products that will appear in the 2013 catalog…
  • Updating everyone on the status and overall greatness that has been happening during “Jackrabbit Labs“!


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