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The Rabbit Round Up: May

Cara Ogar May 29, 2012 Rabbit Round-up

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Curious what the Rabbits are up to this May, besides enjoying things like the Kentucky Derby and Memorial Day? Allow me to share a few highlights with you.

Rabbit Round-Up:

Engineering Fresh Marketing Collateral

Industry: Education

When designing the new brochure for Northeastern’s Gordon Engineering Leadership Program, we had a few goals:

    1. Carry over the look and feel of the new website, and make the brochure feel just as fresh.
    2. Create a piece that people would be intrigued by, something that feels good in their hands and substantial enough that they definitely do not want to toss it aside.
    3. Allow for some flexibility, with part of the brochure being customizable enough that information could change out depending on the distinctive audiences. People want to read about what is most important to their specific needs – without having to weed through an abundance of information to get there.

We created a cool brochure that incorporated a pocket folder, allowing for customization of relevant information in unique one-pager inserts. The brochure features great photography and an overview on the program and the curriculum, along with some inspiring words from various Gordon Fellows. A lot of work went into the piece, and we are very happy with the finished product!

Feeling Good

Industry: Non-profit

It definitely feels good to launch the new GoodSports website, the proud accomplishment of our Carrots for a Cause contest. We couldn’t have asked for a better organization to share this journey with. Working with Christy, Melissa and Davin was truly enjoyable and we appreciate all of their help (and the rest of the GoodSports team!) in making the process as easy, fun and rewarding as possible. We lucked out in getting to design for a company that lends itself so easily to a fresh, creative design (all of those sports! and happy kids! and fun events!). The new site features a robust media section, a cool supporters grid, and a map to show the growing impact of the organization – plus a way for everyone to donate.

We’re currently working on the mobile version of the site, so be sure to check that out in the near future! And keep in mind our next Carrots for a Cause contest, which will be kicking off in the middle of June.

Next month we are looking forward to…

  • Showing off the new TM Capital website
  • Art directing the photo shoots for the new Carleton-Willard Village website we’re working on
  • Playing a friendly, not at all competitive, game of company softball


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