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Tips for Talent

Evan Scales March 8, 2019 Production

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Being the subject of a “talking-head” style interview can be daunting. Once you take a seat under the lights, its easy to forget why you were chosen to speak and all the great soundbytes you can offer. Don’t fret! We’re here to help.

Clothing Tips

What to wear? Your outfit may be your top concern when preparing for an on-camera interview. Thankfully, we use the latest in camera technology here at Jackrabbit, which reduces your clothing concerns drastically. There are, however, still a few things to keep in mind.

  • Please avoid…
    • Shirts, pants, or suits that are predominately white. We don’t want your clothing to be brighter than your face.
    • Highly saturated colors (green, bright reds, bright yellows, etc.). Again, we don’t want to distract.
    • Excessive and dangling jewelry. This can be visually distracting, but more importantly, it can make noise.
    • Metal or sequined clothing.
  • Please consider…
    • Wearing solid, neutral, colors. A grey, beige, blue, or brown suit is better than black. Dark blues are typically the best color.
    • Bringing a second outfit, or at least a second jacket or shirt.
    • Applying a bit of makeup to dull any highlights on your face. This goes for guys and girls. If you don’t have any makeup handy, we’ll help out.

If you wear glasses and have contacts, please bring both. We may ask if you’re comfortable switching the glasses for the contacts, as glasses can cause glare in certain filming situations.

Performance Tips

Don’t worry! Being the subject of an interview is exciting, not nerve-wracking. Here are some tips:

  • You may be provided with a set of questions or prompts before filming. Don’t feel like you need to memorize your responses. In fact, do not memorize anything. Most likely, your interview will be in the form of a conversation. We want to keep it conversational to avoid looking stiff or insincere.
  • We keep the cameras rolling as you’re speaking, and you’re allowed to mess up anything as many times as you’d like. In fact, we guarantee you will. Remember to embrace that. “Practice runs” don’t exist with us.
  • The only thing we will ask you to do is try your best to repeat your prompt or question back to your interviewer, since his or her voice often won’t be in the final cut. For instance, if you are asked, “What is the weather in the Alaska like?” you should answer, “The weather in Alaska is cold.” Not just “its cold.”
  • If your answer is too long, we may ask you to summarize. If the answer is too short, we may ask you to expand on it.
  • Remember: we’re here to hear what you have to say. We’re not looking for you to hit on the golden phrase. We want your honest opinions and ideas.

Interviews are fun! They’re often a great place to share your important thoughts without the pressure of having to nail it on your first go.


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