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Our Top 5 Performing Social Posts of 2021 (And Why!)

Liz Rightor & Aaron Britto December 21, 2021 Clients, Social Media Marketing

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Planning your 2022 social media activities?

Jackrabbit’s guide comes just in time to pull inspiration for driving engagement with your brand in the coming year! We love supporting our client’s social media efforts, from professional services to consumer brands; here are some of our most successful posts this year.

1. Fancypants Upcycled Cookies Bon Appetit Feature – Instagram

What worked:
Maximizing the impact of your PR wins by sharing, sharing, sharing. We were thrilled to see one of our favorite clients featured in one of our favorite mags (BA!) and jumped at the chance to tour that story on social. The results spoke for themselves with engagement numbers well above average.

southport boats social media 2021

Click to see the full post on Instagram.

2. Southport Boats User Generated Content – Instagram

What Worked:
Happy customers speak for themselves! We’ve consistently said one of the best things about social media is that you get to market WITH your customers, not just at them. When people really love a product or service they are inclined to let you know. Acknowledging, and thanking them for their enthusiasm, builds brand loyalty. Using content they’ve created reinforces the genuine bonds you’ve worked hard to create. In this instance we reached out to some owners who commissioned a very talented local photographer (from their neck of the woods) to take photos of their Southport doing one of the things it does best–comfortably ripping through nasty seas. We reached out to the owners and the photographer who were both happy to showcase the boat on the client’s social media. The photographer provided us with the high resolution images, and the owners wrote up an amazing testimonial. The results resonated with other owners liking the post and, more importantly, commenting and engaging.

JRd dog post - social media 2021 2022

Click to see the full post (and all the cute dogs) on Instagram.

3. Dogs of Jackrabbit Post – Instagram

What Worked:
Showing some personality can really help drive engagement. (And it doesn’t hurt if the “personality” belongs to a cute dog!) Take advantage of personal connections that transcend into social media. Be genuine.

We absolutely love supporting Fancypants Baking Company’s social efforts! We’ve seen time and time again that any post featuring Fancypants’ fabulous female founder (say that three times fast!) Maura really excels in terms of engagement, people really respond to her!

Boston Mutual Social post 2021

An inforgraphic designed for Boston Mutual’s Facebook page (left), a post designed for Boston Mutual’s LinkedIn account in honor of Insurance Awareness Day (right).

4. Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company – LinkedIn & Facebook

What Worked:
Just the facts, please! Presenting facts and figures in a visual way really resonates with social media users. Keep the copy short for an impactful, quick read! Here are two examples of visual posts that crushed it with the Boston Mutual audience this year.

fancypants social media postv

Click to see the full ANIMATION on Instagram.

5. Fancypants Upcycled Feature – Facebook & Instagram

What worked:
Give your posts a boost! Sometimes it’s true, you’ve got to pay to play. Upcycling is a new and exciting direction for this client so in order to put this message in front of some new eyes, we had to spend a little money by boosting the post. It’s been working! The right people are commenting, and we’ve seen a nice increase in followers.

Learn more about Jackrabbit’s social media services and how we can help launch your brand into the social sphere in 2022!


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