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Trick or Treat: A Happy WordPress Halloween!

Jackrabbit Design October 19, 2016 Productivity, Resources, Technology, Web Design & Development

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As a special Halloween edition blog post, we’ve decided to give you ghouls and gals some Trick or Treating, Jackrabbit-style: with some WordPress candy!

Below you’ll find our top 10 favorite WordPress tricks and treats that will make your content-editing experiencing a little less, well, frightening!

Trick #1: Editing the Main Navigation Menu and Footer Navigation Menu

Did you know you can do this yourself? Well, now you do! To add items to the main navigation, or change the order of items, follow this handy video.:

Treat #2. Obtaining the URL of an Uploaded Media File

Does your form field require a URL to add a PDF? Have no fear! Check out this video on how to find that pesky PDF URL:

Trick #3. Opening Links in a New Window

Do you want to keep people from leaving your site? Make sure when you insert an external link, you check the box to open the link in a new window. How, you ask? Watch this video:

Treat #4. Drag and Drop Organizing

Did you know there is a way to reorganize repeater fields without having to rearrange and re-add them? Learn how to drag-and-drop fields with this quick video:

Trick #5. Paste as Text for Easy Microsoft Word Copy/Pasting

Aha, the cardinal sin of content editing in WordPress: copying and pasting directly from a Word document. To avoid unwanted spacing issues when copying and pasting from a Word document, follow this handy video:

Treat #6. Embedding Videos by Pasting the Video URL into the Wysiwyg

Did you know you don’t need a developer to add a fancy video player added to your site? That’s right! You can do it yourself just by pasting the video URL right into the wysiwig!

Trick #7. …what is a Wysiwyg?

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll certainly hear it again! “Add the text to the wysiwyg” or “You can paste the video URL right into the wysiwig”. Well, wysiwig is actually short for What You See Is What You Get. (Is your mind blown? I thought so!)wysiwyg

Treat #8. Using Tables to Create Columns

Searching for a way to organize your page content into columns? No need for custom fields! You can create columns by adding a table. There’s a video for that!

Trick #9. Changing Your WP Theme Color

This is a real treat! Get into the Halloween spirit by changing the color of your WP Theme. It’s user-specific so you can have your own special colors!

Treat #10. Linking Images to Internal or External Pages

Have you been adding URLs underneath company logos all this time? Fear not! You can actually link your logo directly to the company’s website! Or post a photo of yourself and link the photo to your bio! It’s easy to do by following this video:



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