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Unitaid: Building a New Brand Identity

Adrienne Goldberg May 5, 2017 Clients, Branding & Design, Noteworthy, Web Design & Development

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Are you thinking of updating your brand or establishing something completely new?

See how we went through the full process with Unitaid! From brand strategy to logo design to a new website deployment, we were able to go through each step of a full branding discovery process and create something that’s all-around awesome.

This year long project was broken into three phases. Check out our outline of the full process!

Phase 1: Brand Strategy

What is a brand? Our definition: your brand is the power of your reputation.

Through internal and external stakeholder interviews, and reviews of existing brand materials and industry research, strategy guru Henk Groenewald was able to get a fresh perspective that helped establish a credible brand foundation that supports Unitaid in becoming a differentiated, desired, and cohesive leader across its services and audiences.

After much discussion, reading, and analysis, Henk was able to establish a recommendation for the four pillars of a solid brand foundation:

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Principles
  • Brand Promise

After presenting the initial findings to the Unitaid team at their offices in Geneva (gorgeous city!) and having some back-and-forth discussion, we were able to get approval on the core tenets of the new brand. These elements are then infused in brand “touchpoints” (things like the logo, messaging, and website) and experiences which create a targeted, desirable association with the Unitaid brand.

Phase 2: Visual Identity Design

Using the approved brand foundation elements as the backbone of our new branding elements exploration we presented several new logo concepts. After a few rounds of revisions, Unitaid selected the below logo as the start of their new visual identity. The new logo was the catalyst for other elements such as a stationery suite and the website design. These were outlined in a full brand style guide that their internal team could utilize to educate the organization about the new visual direction.

Phase 3: The Website

The website is really the culmination of the brand strategy and the new brand look where audiences can really interact with Unitaid. Combining design and copy to communicate the goals of the organization in a structure (WordPress) that the client would be able to continue to keep content updated.

The new website went live in April 2017 in both English and French. We could not be more excited for our friends at Unitaid! The website will help reach many more people and allow for the great work they do to eliminate major diseases like HIV, Malaria, and Tuberculosis around the world to continue.

The culmination of the all three phases allowed us to take a calculated approach to each piece. The client can feel confident that their touchpoints are communicating their brand in a consistent way that achieves the outlined goals.



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