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Web Designer’s Trick #101

Jackrabbit Design June 27, 2011 Web Design & Development

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Today I just wanted to post a quick tip for folks using Photoshop. This isn’t anything that hasn’t been featured in other tutorials out there on the Internet – I know that’s where I originally learned the trick! But it’s a tip I wanted to share, because I know it saves me time when I am trying to get pixel perfect on a project!

The Situation

You’re working an icon for some fancy web app. You are trying to get this drop-shadow perfect, you zoom in, edit, zoom out, refine, repeat… UGH! Why can’t you just view the project at two different magnification levels at once?! Well, actually, you can…

Working with Dual Project Windows

Before: One Window, One Magnification

Zoom in, refine, zoom out, take a peak, zoom in, refine, adjust, bang face on keyboard. There’s a better way…

screen shot 1

Launching a Second Window

Simply navigate to Photoshop’s main application menu; find “Window” over to the right and open up the dropdown. Hover the top option, “Arrange” and find your way down to “New Window for [insert the name of your file here]” – Select that option!

screen shot 2

Blam! Dual Windows!

As you can see it’s that easy. You now have two windows open for this single project, and can simultaneously work in two different magnification levels! 500% on one side, and 100% on the other. Tweak away, and literally save yourself time!

screen shot 3

Bonus Tip: To use dual windows for one project in Illustrator: Open your project; go to “Window” in the application’s top navigation bar; Select “New Window” from the dropdown – Boom!


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