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Why Websites Take Time to Build

Jackrabbit Design April 16, 2015 SEO & SEM, Web Design & Development

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It’s the million dollar question we get asked all the time here at Jackrabbit: “How long does it take to build a website?”

Our answer: five to six months.

“Whoa!” you may be thinking. “That’s a serious time commitment!”

It sure is! We believe in investing the time, energy and resources necessary to foster truly original communication solutions for our clients. And this all starts with a powerful web presence.

Our clients are busy juggling demanding, dynamic businesses. They don’t have time to spend hours perfecting the right user interface and tweaking design colors, not to mention staying up-to-date on the ever-changing (and sometimes downright confusing) SEO world. That’s where Jackrabbit comes in. We handle all aspects of front-end and back-end design, user interface optimization and SEO strategy so you don’t have to. And we do it all while still delivering powerful, personalized and creative sites that encapsulate our clients’ unique brands.

“Okay, I appreciate that Jackrabbit builds sites that look great on the front-end while still delivering powerful back-end functionality. But why does this process take so long?”

You can’t rush creativity! A large, complex website with hundreds of pages, custom CRM integration, eCommerce, etc. takes time to build and design. But before we even start building out your site features, we take the time to meet with your team to really understand your design vision and functional requirements. Next, we build out the site’s information architecture with a sitemap and wireframes. How can we best organize your content for maximum engagement and ease of use? This process usually takes about 40 hours spread out over several weeks.

Once the wireframe is in place, we start working on the design. We begin with a few initial concepts from the home page and build out from there. We may also include custom illustrations and photography in the design, as needed. At the same time, we’ll be busy developing on the content and copy necessary for your site. Finally, we develop a fully functional, interactive website. When we leave time for client changes and revisions, the entire process usually takes about five to six months.

“Does every project take five to six months?”

It depends! Remember, five to six months is just an estimate. Sometimes sites get built faster, especially if a client falls in love with the very first design we present and moves quickly through the process. Even if a client has a long wish list of changes, responsiveness can help move the project along.

“I’m on a tight schedule; is there any way to speed up the process?”

While it’s just not feasible (or smart) to fold a six-month project into six weeks, clients can help tighten up the project timeline by having their content ready to roll as soon as the site is built. One of the most common web design misconceptions is that this process takes a long time because designers move slowly. In fact, the biggest chunk of “dead time” on a project is often the time we spend waiting for content from our clients to populate their websites’ new pages. Having a content plan in place from day one can save serious time. If you’re not sure about how best to optimize your content, Jackrabbit can help with a content strategy that complements your site’s design.

We’re sensitive to client deadlines, especially when they’re in conjunction with a major product launch or company-wide re-branding campaign. But at the end of the day, remember that it’s better to take a little extra time to build your website correctly than rush the process and end up with a site that’s not just not right for your brand or your customers.

Have any other questions about the web design and creation process? Post them below! (or contact us here).



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