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WordPress: Is it the right CMS for your project?

Jackrabbit Design September 14, 2011 Web Design & Development

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When it comes to pitching web projects, clients typically share from the same set of common concerns, time and time again.

One of the most common questions from our clients involves the selection of the right CMS for their site. The debate over “Why not Drupal?” or “Why not Joomla?” inevitably begins shortly after we’ve propose WordPress as our content management system of choice.  While we love our clients doing website research on their own — our experience (read: late nights clicking the mouse) lead us to believe that WordPress is the CMS of choice for most of the projects to come into our inboxes. Both from the perspective of a developer, and with the experience of our clients and their end-users in mind — it has met and exceeded expectations.

This post is the first in a series, where I plan to identify and address common real-world challenges when deploying a new website — and identify the factors that make WordPress a great solution.

Part 1:

Easy Installation & Theming
The Situation:

You are a large HR management firm, you have a huge conference just a calendar turn away — and you have that co-branded mini-site online where you plan to deploy your big lead-capture survey! IT can’t turn around anything that quickly (and it isn’t going to look as pretty as you’d like.) You need a custom design, and a site that can create a database of leads… and you need it online YESTERDAY.

Our Recommendation?:

A custom designed site running on WordPress.

Here’s why:

Developers POV

Client & End-Users POV

  • Easy to install with simplistic, pliable theming systems
  • More sleep for the development team!
  • Less time spent on complicated code means more money in your pocket!
  • Can easily and quickly deploy on most servers (you don’t have to wait weeks for IT.)
  • Sites can easily be “skinned” to match the unique branding of your site.

Long Version – WordPress is easily and quickly deployable, because it runs on a LAMP platform which is the most common of all web hosting environments. This means that clients always have a choice about where their site will be hosted; and almost on a dime, can shift gears, and move to a new server or hosting provider, keeping budgets in check.

The theming of a site is the “meat and potatoes” of any web site budget with a CMS integration — setting aside the invaluable process of developing the information architecture of a site. The CMS itself needs to have the flexibility to allow for pliable template systems. We’ll need to ensure pages can adapt to the various types of information your end-users seek, and communicate that information effectively.

Let’s face it, sometimes we all (clients included) have some unusual needs and requests  — your communications needs are no different. No matter how unorthodox they may seem, WordPress usually allows us to meet those requests successfully, allowing us a brief victory lap around the office and a thorough round of high-fives.

Check back soon for more posts in this series as we go more in depth on why WordPress is our CMS of choice!


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