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In it for the long haul

Jackrabbit has been working with the experienced and tight-knit team at S&P Consultants for nearly a decade. From their original logo design and a full messaging exercise to new offerings, it’s been exciting to see the evolution of their brand.


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  • Web Design & Development
  • Animation
  • Email Newsletters
  • Logo Design
  • Mobile
  • Print Collateral
  • Signage

Website/Intranet Design & Development

The rabbits have had the pleasure of designing and developing both S&P’s public-facing website and intranet site. Although the projects involve different skills and objectives, both worked to solidify the strong brand and overall company messaging. 

Brand Guide & Collateral

The rabbits took a deep dive into the S&P brand to develop comprehensive guidelines. From high-level and strategic components like audience-specific messaging and influencer identification, down to nuts and bolts logo “do’s” and “don’ts,” this document covers it all.


In the complex field of HIT, new challenges arise constantly as technology and the regulatory environment changes and evolves. S&P astutely recognizes this as an opportunity to let their deep industry expertise shine. The rabbits have helped S&P develop whitepapers on hot topics, such as RevCycle.

Video Case Studies

Most stories are best told by the people who lived them. S&P’s clients have sat down in front of the camera to tout successes that S&P helped them to achieve, from standing up an EHR in record time to delivering consulting teams that integrate seamlessly with clients’ culture.

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InTegrity Branding & Collateral

One of the most exciting projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on with the S&P team is branding their consulting methodology, honed over 20 years of working in the industry.

InTegrity Logo

InTegrity has become an important cornerstone of the S&P brand, so it was only natural to develop a logo that marries the S&P brand to its core framework… we also couldn’t resist playing off “IT” in the name!

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InTegrity Video

Getting across an abstract offering like InTegrity can be challenging, so we leveraged animation to get the complex idea across. Combined with commentary from members of the S&P team, the video showcases how InTegrity benefits clients.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of partnering with JRD for nearly two years now. Together we have planned and executed a methodical quantum leap elevation of the firms’ marketing plan and leveraged automation. It’s been highly refreshing to work with our dedicated JRD colleagues as “one team.” I can’t commend them enough for their can-do attitude, and sage counsel along the way without being heavy handed.

JRD has been highly supportive and collaborative in a full array of services spanning strategy, development / design, videography, implementation, program management, etc. We proudly share in our mutual achievements and our market presence, core values, lead generation and brand awareness reflect accordingly. We would not enjoy this heralded success without them.

Kim G. Tombragel, VP of Operations S&P Consultants, Inc.

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