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Mayflower Brewing Company


Getting a gutsy micro-brewery to stand out alongside mega-marketers


The Mayflower Brewing Company’s founder, Drew Brosseau, recognized some sympathetic spirits when he met the Jackrabbit team in 2008. Brosseau’s ancestors were barrel-makers to the Pilgrims, and that same sense of industrious indomitability against huge established interests powered the Mayflower/Jackrabbit collaboration. Together, we built a brand that now holds its own against the world’s biggest labels and a crowd of other craft beers as well.

The packaging design for Mayflower Brewing received an American Graphic Design Award in 2009 and was published in the Graphic Design USA magazine.


Building a beverage brand typically takes some time, but as a start-up, Mayflower had to accelerate the pace. Jackrabbit’s “Taste the History” campaign encompassed everything from packaging and point-of-sale materials. The aim was to encourage new customers to try Mayflower. Once engaged, a new website designed by Jackrabbit began the mission of getting first-time samplers to become evangelizing fans. Thanks to efforts like these, Mayflower’s output has skyrocketed to nearly 9,000-barrels-a-year, having exponentially increased their sales in record time.

full brand identity

bottle labels and packaging

stationery system

signage — Our Brewing Process

brew summary sheets & coasters

custom Illustrations

delivery trucks

table tents

cans & packaging


Eight years after the brewery initially launched with 12oz bottles, Mayflower made the strategic decision to shift the majority of their packaging from bottles to cans. During this time of transition, Jackrabbit worked with Mayflower on a overall brand refresh that was applied to all packaging going forward. Jackrabbit also created an updated website design to match. The new look maintains many of the company’s core design elements but is a bit cleaner and simpler.

Over time, as Mayflower updated their year-round and seasonal line-up of beers, we were happy to support them with a variety of marketing materials, new product photography, the design of new sell sheets for the sales team, as well as beer can artwork for new beers, prepped for TTB approval and print production.

The partnership we’ve had with Mayflower Brewing Company over the years has been amazing and one we’ve really enjoyed being a part of. Being big fans of the beer they produce and who they are, we’re always rooting for their continued success!

website design & development

promo materials & wearables

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