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Methods Machine Tools


Giving high-tech tools a high-tech website to match

Zoom in on the action

Methods Machine Tools is a supplier of precision machine tool and additive solutions, with locations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Their products are complex and specific, so our challenge was to showcase them in a way that was accessible and engaging for any site visitor. Enter ambient video – on the homepage, we’re showing a machine in action, sparks flying as it zooms back and forth across the screen. Additional videos may show the company culture and the “cool factor” of the machines it supplies, drawing the user in regardless of who they are or what they know about Methods.

So much information, so little space

Methods supplies a variety of products to a variety of clients in a variety of industries. Additionally, each of those products is accompanied by a large amount of technical data and other information, all of which needed to be visible on the products’ detail pages. So how to include all of these products and their information while still maintaining the integrity of the overall look and feel of the design?

First, we created a clean and simple product sort functionality that would allow the user to easily find the products and information they were looking for. Each product was shown clearly against a white seamless background, and the amount of copy on the landing page was kept to a minimum. Once the user clicked into a product, all of the highest level information was immediately visible. If they needed more information, users had several options that kept all pertinent details accessible without compromising the cleanliness of the page.

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